Latkes With Caviar and Cream

Latkes With Caviar and Cream

Latkes are a far more common sight at Hanukkah than Passover, but there’s no real reason why you can’t fry up a batch in the springtime. If you use matzoh meal as a binder, as Jamie Geller suggests in her new cookbook, Joy of Kosher, the latkes will be safely kosher for Passover. And if you continue to follow her guidance and whip up a batch of puréed latkes, you’ll have fried…

From a purist standpoint, a bagel is a round yeast roll with a hole in the middle, no egg in the dough, malt rather than sugar, cooked in water, and then browned in the oven.

In fact, besides the US having a 15% cap in the worldwide wine trade total, such countries as Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even Germany collectively dominate almost a half of the world’s wine market!

But now and here, we’ll be talking about much a wider range of German wines, than the famous Riesling, usually coming from a Mosel or Rhinegau regions of the country

So, among the varieties of both white and red German wines, the most underestimated sorts somehow come from a Franconia region, located in the Western part of the country…



The names that the locals name most often are the Silvaner and Bacchus wines…

Namely, Franconia is known for its incredible range of white wines, as an estimate of 80 percent of the vineyards is planted to white grape varieties.